Life is Sticky. Life is Sweet.

Life is Sticky. Life is Sweet.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Birthday 2010

Well, it's official. I have a five-year-old and a two-year-old.

In just the last week, we've celebrated in six different ways.

The last seven days have been filled with cupcake baking, present wrapping, house decorating and birthday song singing. It's taken a few days, but things are finally getting back to normal.

The decorations have been packed away and the cupcakes have been eaten. The toys have been stripped from their twisty-tied-death-grip packaging and we've finally figured out a place for just about all of them.

This is just a brief recap of the madness that was Operation Birthday 2010.

We kicked things off with a party for Will at a local place that specializes in kids' parties with slides and inflatables. For about the cost of a month's worth of groceries, we threw a 90-minute party where everyone had their fill of jumping, bouncing and sliding. The kids feasted on cold pizza, fruit punch and ice cream cake. Will got to sit on his very own inflatable throne and he particularly enjoyed hurling the goodie bags at his friends and yelling, "THANK YOU FOR COMING!".

Before the actual day, Liam celebrated his second birthday at camp with his new friends. He chose the theme of "BUZZ!" for his cupcakes-- which is two-speak for Toy Story.

Liam's birthday was on the 6th and we celebrated with a small party at home for our foursome. We swam and dined on hot dogs cut up into little circles, french fries and lots of ketchup. As per tradition, we decorated the corner of our dining room...
And ate more cupcakes...
Liam got some great gifts. So great, in fact, that Will immediately started lecturing all of us on the importance of sharing. Then, he promptly took over as Liam looked on.
Will's birthday was on the seventh and he was thrilled that it fell on a weekend. We had told him that he could be in charge for the day, and he reminded us of this no less than two hundred times. We ate his favorites-- chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and ravioli for dinner-- and we spent the majority of the day at Hurricane Harbor. Bill and I won a small victory when we were able to persuade the birthday boy to take a short nap. This 'short nap' lasted about three hours and enabled us to do this...
And this...
The next day, we had grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins over for a bigger family party. And of course, more cupcakes. Like last year, we tried to get a decent family birthday photo. We are now officially 0 for 2.
Last year.

This year.

The last stop on the birthday express was cupcakes for Will's friends at camp. While making another batch of cupcakes sounded awfully tempting, I ended up ordering some cookie cups from Mrs. Field's. With the exception of the price, they were awesome and I'm definitely going to learn how to make them for next year.

So that was it. Just like this summer and these last few years, these birthdays came and went in a flash. This picture, in particular, makes me wonder where the time has gone.
But whenever I get misty-eyed and nostalgic for the time gone by, I am reminded that there are plenty of adventures ahead.
I have a feeling five and two will definitely keep me on my toes.

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