Life is Sticky. Life is Sweet.

Life is Sticky. Life is Sweet.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Belmar Five Mile Recap

I ran the Belmar Five yesterday morning.

It was my second five-mile race and I'm still like, "Holy crap, I ran five freaking miles!"

I picked up my bib and swag on Thursday night,
but here's a recap of the race day.

5ish am
Liam is up. Crying. Since I've got the race, it's Bill's morning. He works his dada magic and baby is sleeping again.

6ish am
But not for long. Bill resigns himself to heading downstairs with him.

6:50 am
Will throws my bedroom door open. Pounces on my bed holding ginormous piggy bank. Asking if he can take out some money. At some point, and I'm assuming on accident, the bank lands on my head.

7:00 am
My alarm goes off.

7:10 am
I'm dressed. Discover that all of my favorite running socks are in the laundry. Root through hamper, looking for said, dirty socks. Found, but gross. Go with clean pair of socks that don't fit as well.

7:15 am
Race day breakfast consisting of cold cinnamon raisin mini bagel, half of a banana, and some water. Hang with huz and kids for a bit before heading out.

7:30 am
Discover uncharged iPod in glove compartment. Hook it up and hope there's enough time to juice it up. Search through storage compartment for candy. Success in the form of one piece of Banana Laffy Taffy.

7:45 am
Arrive in Belmar. Realize that there is no parking available anywhere near the race. Start backtracking towards Route 35.

8:00 am
Find parking. Nervous about getting to starting line for 8:30 start. Pin number, drink water, grab iPod (half-charge) and go.

8:01 am
Cue pouring rain as I walk twelve blocks to the race. Lots of other runners in the same situation-- getting soaked, jumping puddles, shielding their iPods.

8:20 am
Arrive at the start. Still raining. People standing around are soaked and looking miserable. Considering the value of those expensive running clothes that dry in like five minutes. Also considering going back to my car, buying a newspaper and heading somewhere for a coffee and a hot breakfast. Ultimately decide to stick it out.

8:25 am
Rain slows to a stop. Sun starts to break. Cue nasty humidity and sauna-like conditions. I am completely soaked-- clothes and sneakers drenched, hair dripping. Opposite of awesome.

8:30 am
The race starts. Very crowded-- 2,200 racers. Takes a while to actually get to the official line. Walking/jogging quite a bit throughout the first mile due to the traffic of people.

8:41 am
First mile marker. Annoyed with my 11-minute (clock-time) mile, considering my usual pace for the first mile is about 9 minutes. The thickness of the crowd starts to dissipate and I'm hoping to make up some time. The leaders of the race, who've finished the loop ahead, run by our pack of runners on the opposite side of the road. We all cheer and laugh as they are approaching their third mile.

8:51-ish am
Second mile marker. Crowd not too much of an issue anymore. Feeling good. Lots of cheers and support from people lined up along the sidewalks. Impressive sight as I approach the loop at Silver Lake Lake Como, runners wound around the entire perimeter.

9:01-ish am
Third mile marker as we double past Ocean Avenue again. My wet sneakers and wet, ill-fitting socks are biting me in the ass as I can begin to feel the blisters on the insteps of my feet forming. Feet hurt.

9:12-ish am
Fourth mile marker. Breathing good. Legs good. Feet screaming as I'm pretty sure these blisters are killing me. Tired, but sure that I'll run it out. Some generous Belmar residents have set up 14-foot ladders with hoses, creating optional showers for the runners to run under. Being hot, sweaty and already soaked, I say, "Why not?"

9:22-ish am
Big finish. Lots of spectators cheering along the last 1/4 mile. People handing out medals and flowers to all finishers. Man says, "Water to the right, showers to the left". Belmar Fire Co has set a fire hose and sprinkler in the middle of Ocean Ave for all finishers. Being hot, sweaty and already soaked, I say, again, "Why not?"

9:25-ish am
Grab my complimentary bottle of water, slice of watermelon and orange wedges. Start heading to the car. Realizing that I'm not exactly sure where I parked the car and that I really need a bathroom.

9:40-ish am
Found car thanks to some landmarks. Take a couple poor attempts at self-portrait using cell phone. Slightly embarrassed as people drive by. Settle on a decent photo and delete the rest.

10-ish am
Arrive home to empty (woo-hoo!) house. RUN to bathroom. Get first look at blister damage. Ewww on both of my feet which are pruny and shriveled from being wet for the last two hours. Peel off second skin of soaked clothes. Take cold shower. Take hot shower. Dress and head downstairs as huz and kids are returning. Will asking his usual question, "Did you win!?" Me answering with my usual response, "No, but I did my best and had fun." Will countering with his usual sigh and 4-year-old attempt at an eye-roll.

Final Stats:
Clock Time 51:17.44
Chip Time 50:21.98 (Actual time)
Overall 1418 out of 2182
Gender 487 out of 962
Age 77 out of 134

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