Life is Sticky. Life is Sweet.

Life is Sticky. Life is Sweet.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I like to claim that Lizzie is quite independent, but I've been noticing lately she's been getting more and more clingy. She's also been starting to use baby talk, to which I sternly remind her, "I don't understand baby talk. Use your big girl words." I have no idea why this is all starting now, but I'm about to start drinking heavily in the morning if she doesn't stop.

I can't say I have a tough life with her, really. She likes to play, she likes to watch Sprout (I've weaned her off of Nick Jr. because I can't watch/listen to 7 episodes of Dora a day), she likes to color, she likes to be read to, but I can't seem to keep her entertained long enough to do anything. She'll start a coloring page, a game, a book, or etc, then take off and start something new. I know most little kids do that, but Lizzie's Schizophrenic Play reaches epic proportions on most days, leading to frustration, mess, and tears.

Most normal parents in most normal places would promptly put their kid into a day camp or play group to give them some structure, get them to interact with other kids, and--in correlation--get some well-deserved Me Time for themselves, even if Me Time consists of heavy cleaning and yard work (see Cara's last post). But I don't live in a normal area. Day camps and play groups just don't seem to exist up here. I've searched online, asked other parents (oh, my god, don't even get me started about the lack of pre and nursery schools up here. whole other post), and even read the local phone book, but I have a inherent fear of play groups run out of peoples' homes and that's really all that's up here.

{Now this is the part of the post where my mom starts preparing her "You know you can drop Lizzie off at my house any time you want" comment, but I have to stop her and say, "Ma, if I dropped Lizzie off at your house any time I wanted, she'd be there every day! Eight hours a day!"}

That being said, I have applied to get Lizzie into a pre-school in a near-by town for the upcoming school year. Like I said, the lack of pre-schools around here makes getting into a pre-school (even a mediocre one) like competing to get into Harvard. I got the application in the mail, filled it out, and put it back into the mail that same day. I've called 3 times to ask about the status of her application. I've been cheerful, upbeat and perky on the phone to make it sound like I'm Super Awesome Mommy (lordy be, what a stretch that is!). I've even volunteered to be a Class Mother--wait, why did I do that? Aren't school hours supposed to be Me Time?? I've done everything to make it clear that I want Lizzie in that school except bake the owner brownies. I'll be doing that next week since the owner finally told me--in near desperation--that she'll be getting the new school year's budget this week and will be sending out letters the first week of August.

So, keep your fingers crossed that Lizzie will get into Tender Times Preschool. For her own benefit and mine too.


  1. Class Mommy? That's like me volunteering for Policy Council last year.
    I'll cross whatever I can that Lizzie gets in and you don't have to be Class Mom.

  2. Tender Times? Bwahahahaha. Oh, you must be desperate.

    Will fit this description at some point... maybe around age three? At first we blamed Max & Ruby for all the Maxspeak baby talk, but then we realized it was just a stage.

    School or not, she'll settle down. Good luck with the admission and get working on those brownies.


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