Life is Sticky. Life is Sweet.

Life is Sticky. Life is Sweet.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Another Friend-less New Jersey Visit

Home to New Jersey for a weekend visit means many things: seeing family, sleeping in Dad's house, going to Point regardless of temperature, and eating decent food. What it doesn't involve is seeing friends. Going home for the weekend and not seeing friends is getting really old, really fast. It sucks to see all the messages on Facebook, saying "If you're around, we should get together!" and know that it would never happen.
The only problem is finding a venue for the get together. Everyone that I'm friends with has kids and trying to get everyone to get sitters at the same time on the same night might cause a major babysitter shortage in the Monmouth/Ocean County areas.
Meeting at bar is a little young and do I really want to get wasted in front of my high school friends and fall off the stage at Bar A while dancing to "Dive in the Pool"? (http://
Meeting at a restaurant would be a recipe for too much yelling down the tables at each other and how many tables does TGIFriday's let you push together really?
So I nominate my dad's house for the gathering. It's big. It's spacious. It's got a backyard we can lock the kids in while we pound back margaritas and talk about how we were all going to marry the New Kid on the Block of our choice at one time or another (huh--but what will the guys do?).
Now, all we have to do is convince Dad to give up his house on the Saturday night of Mother's Day weekend to a bunch of shrieking, overly-excited wild children. And their kids.


  1. The Blue Claws (in Lakewood) have a game that night at 4:05. I've had a few group outings there and they always go well. Lots of room for the kids to play and I think there might be fireworks at the end of the game.

  2. Whoops. We have tickets, that night, for the game. Our union organizes a group event there every year.

  3. Hey you guys are always welcome at my house here. I really want to get together and I have a decent size house and a big fenced in back yard with a play area for the kids. The pool won't be open on Mothers Day weekend but if that's no good for you then let's really make a plan for another weekend when Amy is in town. Husbands and kids are always welcome. Plus my husband makes awesome drinks. Just bring the beer for the guys!!! Seriously, no more saying it and not following through!

  4. Hey, I'm ALWAYS down for some girl time, even with Hubs & kids in tow. My house is a shoebox, but if someone else hosts it, I'll facilitate. LOL - just kidding, but it sounded good, right?... like I was assuming more responsibility than simply showing up? Oh well, but seriously, I'll bring pie. And chocolate. And my 8 & 10 yr. old love when I bribe them to be "mini supervisors" in the kids play area. See? We can make this happen!


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