Life is Sticky. Life is Sweet.

Life is Sticky. Life is Sweet.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

In Which Amy Compares the Contents of her Purse, Then & Now

This is my favorite purse:

Nice, right?

It's huge. It holds everything. So much stuff, in fact, that I'm pretty sure the contents of it reproduce overnight. This afternoon, I was emptying it out, marvelling at the amount of paper and change that can accumulate in a weeks' time when I realized that--aside from my wallet--pretty much everything in "my" purse belonged, in some way, to Lizzie. I mean, look for yourself:

That's just insane. How can I carry around a $65 purse with wipes and Goldfish in it? I mean, it's not a diaper bag, for god's sake. I started thinking about what I used to carry around when I was single and not a mom. The contents of my bag looked a little bit more like this:

Okay, now I'll agree that some of the things are quite similar: snacks, books, and panties. But there's a huge difference between a banana and a Three Musketeers bar; two Disney Princess books and the controversial absurdism of Christopher Moore; and Disney Princess panties and Victoria's Secret panties.

Know what the difference is?

One word: Mommy.


  1. I've hardly carried a purse since the day Will was born. I've got some generic diaper bag full of fruit snacks and juice boxes and crayons and paper. Your before purse looks pretty organized. Mine was always a mess. And no underwear either. Is underwear in a purse the norm?

  2. I've never carried panties in my purse but then I've always thought they were an optional clothing choice! The book is a must though. I have a number of purses (3 or 4 Coach, Dooney and Burke, a LV, 2 Juicy Coture) sitting a shelf in my closet catching dust, and I can't imagine life without my diaper bag. *sigh* How life changes in just a few short years.

  3. I carried a second pair of panties all the time. You never know when you're going to need to spend the night on your BFF's couch because you're too drunk to drive home or for . . . um . . . OTHER reasons.

    Not incontinence, though, I'm not 80.

  4. Ha HA ! I rarely carried a bag of any kind pre-kids. A pocket sized wallet was all I needed. Now I carry diapers, wipes and a change of pants and underwear for Kieran in my "Prada". I have a smaller bag that is just for me. no kid items allowed.


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